I’m so Crafty…You Already Know (or maybe not…)

I love Pinterest.  I’m not the craftiest of peoples but I get by with a little help with my Hubs.  (hahah…I literally sang that sentence out loud)

Fall is among us and I’m totally behind on my fall/Thanksgiving décor.  Since leaving our last event planning gig, I gave away a lot of our fall décor not thinking about when we would get a home and needing to decorate it.  *sighs* Oh well.  So my OCD kicked in and I bought mini pumpkins and put them around the house, and I bought a giant pumpkin and placed it on my front pourch.  Undecorated.  I just had to have SOMETHING out that looked like I was TRYING to decorate for fall.  I then thought “I need a wreath…I think I have the old school generic one that you get from Garden Ridge”  After 30 minutes or so of digging in the attic…well my Hubs was digging, not me. Lets not get that twisted.  Anyway after digging, he couldn’t find my fall wreath.  Great.  More money to spend.  I got on pinterest and found the easiest most “shabby chic” DIY wreath I could find.  Boom.  Mission Accomplished.

fall wreath 8
It only took me..oh…all day but it was well worth it. Well let me be honest. It took me all day because I took about a 2 hour break to go shopping and puttsing around with a girl friend of mine. Much needed break. I was tired of getting glue on my fingers from the glue gun. Here are some pics of the process and how I wrapped the wreath. You can search for “jute twine wrapped letter wreath” on Pinterest and find tons of other tutorials!

wreath materials
Monogrammed Letter, 1 1/2 inch black (or whatever color) ribbon, Glue gun, Jute Twine and felt

So far so good. Wrapping the Jute Twine in this stage was not that hard. fall wreath

fall wearth 2

fall wreath 3

fall wreath 4
This is where it was getting a little tricky. My suggestion is to just keep wrapping!

fall wreath 5

fall wreath 6
The middle of the “m” is a little jacked but by this point I was three mimosas in and didn’t care. I call it my “worn look” M
fall wreath 7
I YouTubed how to make felt roses. Very Easy.

And that’s about it! The finished wreath was in the beginning of the post. Don’t be afraid to try something or a craft. If you mess up, just start over! The entire project cost me about $10. Much cheaper than buying a $40 wreath at the store or buying from a vendor! Happy Pinterest Project finding!!!


Home Sweet Home

So I guess I need to give an update! We’re all moved in and we’ve made some major changes. I must say that this entire experience has been a positive one at times and challenging at others. We knocked out walls, installed new flooring, painted, redid the kitchen, painted and ….I think that’s it. Here’s a few pics.

living almost before
11′ opening and header.
dave will allen taken a break before
Boys taking a break
kitchen 4
Kitchen and Dinning room
kitchen remodel 2
Another View of the Kitchen

It’s been awesome to really make this house our own!! There’s still lots and lots to do, but that’s always the story with owning a home. It never ends!
backsplash 2


Hubs is currently switching out the outlets. He’s a hard worker and I’m grateful. Next on our list is to seal the backsplash, caulking the edges around the countertops, finish reinstalling the closet doors, and clearing out the two spare rooms from clutter. I seem to have collected more serving dishes, warming dishes, and other items to entertain with over the past two years. I don’t have enough storage space in the closest for them all already!!! Ugh. Anybody need a crockpot? I have two. I need to put a few things on Craigslist….and I think I’ll start with the weighted keyboard that I haven’t played in years.

Renovation Realities…What were we thinking?!

You know…I wished I could have been on HGTV’s show House Hunters or Renovation Realities, but I’m glad I didn’t actually follow through with my application. The show would have consisted of me sleeping in the middle of a dust pile while my poor Hubs worked and slaved to make sure we finished on time. I’m not built for extreme labor. Only minor labor…..like painting or removing cabinet doors…or telling others what needs to be done. *shrugs*. haha!

Hubs and I closed on our new house Feb. 27th!! WHAT A PROCESS. I almost didn’t think we were going to make it and close on time, but we did. After providing retarded explanations of magazine subscriptions to underwriting, we closed on time. Here is the photo that shows how excited we are that part is over.
House closing photo 2014

We now have 27 days to renovate the house as much as we possibly can. Easy right?! We’ll see. We may have bit off more than we could chew, but even if we don’t get it ALL done before moving day, we’ll at least have SOME of it done. It would just be nice to have ALL of it done.

We bought the home from the original owner. I don’t think we ever thought that would be possible. It’s got GREAT bones, and GREAT curb appeal. Sunday (when it was a nice 70 degrees…today it’s 35..ugh) I was out in the backyard doing yard work and I stopped and really realized that I had a yard with landscaping?!? I don’t know anything about flowers, or trees or flowers or …did I mention trees? Neighbors came to welcome us and pointed out that I had 4 Crepe Myrtle trees in the backyard alone. Crepe who?? omg..do I have to water or can I expect to kill those? Teasing. I have a hydrangea bush in the front, tons of tulips and other flowers, I have several flower bushes, and wild onions. Wait, WHAT?! WILD ONIONS?!? The lady that lived there LOVED gardening and you can totally tell. I almost feel like I don’t want to let her down by not taking care of her hard work. I’m so going to do my best at taking care of that flower garden in the backyard in honor of her. I know this sounds weird, but I always secretively wanted a space in the backyard where there were tons of flowers and a flower garden. I have it now. I feel like God picked that house for me and He saved it for me. I’m completely happy when I’m back there and I even caught myself talking to a flower bed. “Hi…please grow..I promise not to kill you.” hahaha! More maintenance than we wanted, but willing to take on the challenge. If anyone has any gardening beginner tips, I’m open to any and ALL suggestions. Here are a few pics from the house. Hubs is at the house moving electrical outlets and making a list for drywall needs. We blew out walls and are getting rid of the parquet flooring. Before you judge me for that, we can’t save it. since we are removing walls, matching the parquet flooring from the 50’s to now is difficult and beyond our skill set. Since I want hardwoods throughout, it would have been really hard. The parquet was only in the living room, entry way, hall and all bedrooms. They didn’t put it in the dinning room or the new add Den. Boo…oh well. We tried to keep original but no way we can.

Enjoy the photos! Nothing exciting. I can’t wait to show you the finished product!

House Renvation 2014 003

House Renvation 2014 004

House Renvation 2014 005

House Renvation 2014 006

House Renvation 2014 007

House Renvation 2014 010

House Renvation 2014 012

House Renvation 2014 021

House Renvation 2014 024

House Renvation 2014 025

Headboards Are Hard To Make


We FINALLY finished our headboard project. It was hard. I think only because we a) never attempted upholstering something ourselves b) we work 40 hrs a week and c) we had to wait till we had money to finish the rest. There were some unexpected expenses that popped up at the end. Oh AND the fact that we couldn’t figure out how to move it from our garage (which is separate from our apartment unit that’s also a good 400 yards away) to our apartment. We finally just broke down and asked a good neighbor friend for help and mounted it to the top of our jeep and slowly drove it across the apt complex.


After about a few weeks, we started covering the bed. Oh but wait… The headboard itself is bigger than the fabric we got. So we had to get a seamstress to sew two pieces together.


Then after pulling tight and stapling the heck out of it, we began tufting. Our fingers hurt, I broke out in a sweat, and I probably lost a good 5 lbs. It took two days to complete and we broke the super strength upholstery thread three times on three different buttons.


After all that blood, sweat and tears, we put it all together to test. Pulled it back apart and then moved it to the bedroom.

I cried. It was everything I wanted. And I was so happy that we did it…together…and are still speaking to each other.


Will I do it again? Yes. But now having done it once, I’ll make it a lot smaller……

Reason #999994848578 Why I Love Pintrest

pallet tray blogI have been dying to start this next project and FINALLY had a free Sunday to work on it.  While waiting on the fabric for the headboard to arrive, I recruited Mr. Handyman Hubs to help me with my pallet tray.  I found this project on Pintrest about 6 months ago and fell in love with it.  It’s easy, simple, and CHEAP.  I’m going to try to give step by step instructions on how we made ours and hope it’s easy to follow.  (I’ll also include a link to the pintrest site with better instructions so you can have two different perspectives.)

First things first.  The materials you’ll need are:

1 Pallet Board

electrical Saw or Jigsaw



Mod Podge

Stencil for Initial (Optional)

Paint of any color (I used the color Coral)

1/4 inch plywood


Wood stain

Find a pallet board that you like.  Some are dirtier than others, so make sure it’s a good one.  Try looking behind retail stores, or maybe ask retails stores if they have one that you can have.  Most will be willing to part, but some might be stingy.  I found mine only because a friend works for a leasing agency and she said they get them all the time.  She was kind enough to save me one.  🙂

Using one of those round saw looking things (forgive me for not knowing the actual name but you can see it in the picture.  hee hee), we cut the boards down the sides and then pulled the nails out from down the middle so we would have one long board. You can also use a jigsaw.  Whatever floats your boat without cutting off fingers and toes.

pallet tray blog 2

Then I had to figure out the size I wanted for my tray.  After already cutting it one size, (can’t remember) I noticed it was to boxy.  So the final size is 16×23.  Which looks much better.

After I got the sides down, we sanded down the cut boards so that it was smooth so the stain would take.  You don’t have to stain it if you don’t want to if you want that worn down look, but I wanted to stain it because the color wasn’t really what I wanted.

Here’s what the tray looks like after sanding and nailing all four sides together:

sanded pallet

Next we had to cut the plywood. Using some other saw, (man….Hubs and all his tools.  Very hot) We cut it big enough to fit the bottom of the tray and nailed it the bottom.

pallet tray blog 3

Next we nailed the plywood to the bottom of the tray and stained it with wood stain and sealed it with a clear polyurethane.

pallet project 5 pallet project 6 pallet project 7

Next came the Mod Podge.  FINALLY!!!  I’ve been dying to use this since I started this project.  Simply apply a good, even layer on the bottom of the tray.  Then place your fabric over the mod podge and press firmly.  Make sure all the bubbles and bumps are smoothed out.  We used our driver’s license to help press out the bumps. Make sure you cut your fabric a little bigger than you need too so you can make the cuts easier and straighter.

Once you’ve got your fabric down and it’s nice and stuck to the bottom.  It’s time to cut the extra fabric.  Take a box cutter or a super sharp cutter and cut the excess fabric. Then put a THIN layer of mod podge over the top of the fabric sealing it.  Don’t worry…it dries clear.

pallet project

pallet project 2 pallett project 3

Once that dries, you are pretty much done!  I added a monogram to mine, so feel free to add one on yours!  Here’s the link with the actual project instructions and where I got the idea from.  Pintrest Pallet Project

Hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine!

The Headboard That Hubs is Building…..He’s pretty Amazing.


I’ve mentioned briefly in a previous blog post that Hubs was building us a headboard for our bed.  We’ve never had a headboard but always wanted one…..until we saw how expensive they are.  So…we started researching headboards about a year or two ago.  Then…pintrest was born which made it easier to get ideas on how to put the thing together.  Gotta love Pintrest!!


This past weekend, we were able to get the foam, buttons and button cover kit.  OH and we also found the perfect fabric!!  Calico Corners off of Park Rd in Charlotte is probably where I’ll buy fabric from now on.  GREAT prices.  The lady asked us what we were covering and she walked us over to the perfect one.  The cool thing!?!  It was only 19.99 a yd.  WHAT?!  SOLD.  Her eyes got big.  I guess she didn’t really think we’d be that quick to make a decision.  When ya know, ya know…ya know?  ha!  Perfect color…durable, and stain resistant.

We bought the foam and batting after the linen and THAT experience was a nightmare.  We had a recommendation to use carpet padding along with the foam sheeting so off to Home Depot to buy the carpet padding.  They don’t sell it by the sq ft…only by the ROLL?!  We don’t need the whole roll.  Womp womp.  Off to Jo Ann’s fabrics.  We found some batting that would do just fine.  We also found some foam there as well.  *sound of a scratching record* How much is that foam??  Oh.emm.gee.  It was $32.99 a YARD?!?  Hubs was almost as green as the foam.  We hauled it up to the counter and our total purchase was $400.  We both almost fainted.  So darn expensive.  Driving home, we got to thinking that there had to be a cheaper way.  This is supposed to be an inexpensive DIY headboard.  I now all of a sudden want to put the thing together and then SELL it for double the price just to make our money back and then some.  ha!  Would never do that….

Anyway…we got home and went to dinner with friends and they told us to check Amazon.  Today…we hauled the green foam back up to Jo Ann’s and proudly threw it back in their hands.  Amazon had the same stuff for $18.00 for one large six ft sheet of foam.  The same ding dang thing.  -__-  Smh….I feel much better now.

So here is the shell of the headboard and the foot board.  Hubs had to put it together just to test the hardware.


Since the 4th of July was last week, we’ll probably not work on it until the week after next.  Longest project ever, but will be well worth the time and effort!