You’ve Got Mail

grandma fountain letterFirst off…how do I have wrinkles in my thumb?? Can I get botox in that area?? Aaahahahaha only I would think of something like that.

Moving On….

While at work I remembered my promise to reach out more using other methods other than Facebook, email, etc and the thought of writing my Hubs’ grandmother popped in my brain.  So…while on the clock (don’t judge) I wrote a quick letter to Hubs grandmother….my grandmother.

I have to say I got a little teary eyed on her response. She mentioned that she loved to read, and write letters and she felt that she knows me deeply from only a few letters. I have to say…..I feel the same way.  She gave me tips on my garden..and how I can maximize it’s growth potential, she mentioned that “Arugula” must be a North Carolina veggie because her and her neighbor haven’t heard of it (I belly laughed at that.  I either must have spelled it wrong..or they really think its a NC veggie) and she mentioned that she is so happy that “young people like me are taking interest in the old ways of growing gardens and working for fresh veggies”.  After reading her letter…..I called my mom. I wanted to hear her voice as well.  I feel more connected now.  There truly is something about taking the time to physically or verbally connect with someone.  It almost feels like they are right there in the room.

I am really glad that I wrote the letter and called my mom.  It’ costs us nothing to reach out to those around us.  What am I…what are you waiting on?  🙂

Happy writing!!!


Renovation Realities…What were we thinking?!

You know…I wished I could have been on HGTV’s show House Hunters or Renovation Realities, but I’m glad I didn’t actually follow through with my application. The show would have consisted of me sleeping in the middle of a dust pile while my poor Hubs worked and slaved to make sure we finished on time. I’m not built for extreme labor. Only minor labor… painting or removing cabinet doors…or telling others what needs to be done. *shrugs*. haha!

Hubs and I closed on our new house Feb. 27th!! WHAT A PROCESS. I almost didn’t think we were going to make it and close on time, but we did. After providing retarded explanations of magazine subscriptions to underwriting, we closed on time. Here is the photo that shows how excited we are that part is over.
House closing photo 2014

We now have 27 days to renovate the house as much as we possibly can. Easy right?! We’ll see. We may have bit off more than we could chew, but even if we don’t get it ALL done before moving day, we’ll at least have SOME of it done. It would just be nice to have ALL of it done.

We bought the home from the original owner. I don’t think we ever thought that would be possible. It’s got GREAT bones, and GREAT curb appeal. Sunday (when it was a nice 70 degrees…today it’s 35..ugh) I was out in the backyard doing yard work and I stopped and really realized that I had a yard with landscaping?!? I don’t know anything about flowers, or trees or flowers or …did I mention trees? Neighbors came to welcome us and pointed out that I had 4 Crepe Myrtle trees in the backyard alone. Crepe who?? I have to water or can I expect to kill those? Teasing. I have a hydrangea bush in the front, tons of tulips and other flowers, I have several flower bushes, and wild onions. Wait, WHAT?! WILD ONIONS?!? The lady that lived there LOVED gardening and you can totally tell. I almost feel like I don’t want to let her down by not taking care of her hard work. I’m so going to do my best at taking care of that flower garden in the backyard in honor of her. I know this sounds weird, but I always secretively wanted a space in the backyard where there were tons of flowers and a flower garden. I have it now. I feel like God picked that house for me and He saved it for me. I’m completely happy when I’m back there and I even caught myself talking to a flower bed. “Hi…please grow..I promise not to kill you.” hahaha! More maintenance than we wanted, but willing to take on the challenge. If anyone has any gardening beginner tips, I’m open to any and ALL suggestions. Here are a few pics from the house. Hubs is at the house moving electrical outlets and making a list for drywall needs. We blew out walls and are getting rid of the parquet flooring. Before you judge me for that, we can’t save it. since we are removing walls, matching the parquet flooring from the 50’s to now is difficult and beyond our skill set. Since I want hardwoods throughout, it would have been really hard. The parquet was only in the living room, entry way, hall and all bedrooms. They didn’t put it in the dinning room or the new add Den. Boo…oh well. We tried to keep original but no way we can.

Enjoy the photos! Nothing exciting. I can’t wait to show you the finished product!

House Renvation 2014 003

House Renvation 2014 004

House Renvation 2014 005

House Renvation 2014 006

House Renvation 2014 007

House Renvation 2014 010

House Renvation 2014 012

House Renvation 2014 021

House Renvation 2014 024

House Renvation 2014 025

Unplugged. Literally……

We hiked. We ate. We drank wine. We slept….in. We stopped and smelled the roses. We went go cart riding. I didn’t check voicemail or email, facebook, instagrm or twitter.

Hubs and I wanted to take a weekend to ourselves to reconnect. We wanted a “staycation”. We didn’t go anywhere, but we stayed in our home and wanted to take full advantage of a weekend to ourselves. No distractions. No phones. No social media. No email. You get the point. It was hard for me the first hour on Saturday morning, but after I made brunch for us, it was easier.

I had such a wonderful time just being and enjoying life for a moment. I know I can get caught up in my phone, circumstances, social media, etc. I chose to turn my “DND” option on my phone and also decline all incoming text messages. I didn’t get a single text message, email or phone call all weekend. It was really nice.

Hubs and I move into our new home March 29th but we close this Thursday on the 27th. We have 30 days to cram in as much remodel as possible. Every weekend we will be remodeling so we wanted to take this weekend to reflect and to just BE together. Totally worth it. I would post more pics, but I’m lazy and I have to convert the format. -_- Maybe I’ll do that later. Maybe.

I think we want to do this at least once every 4 months or so.

Happy Sunday everyone! I’m going to watch the closing Olympics now!!! #sochi2014

I’m Dreaming of a White….Valentine’s Day?!

Wait….what?! I don’t think I’ve ever experienced snow on Valentines Day. The weather for the last two weeks has been crazy. It snowed two weeks ago here in Charlotte and then it snowed….REALLY SNOWED….again on Tuesday. It just kept snowing…and kept snowing. Then we woke up on Wednesday to MORE snow then ice….then sleet…then more snow. THURSDAY….MORE THICK SNOW. It was unbelievable. The snow on Thursday was absolutely beautiful. It was so unreal that it was snowing thick wet globs of snow. Tuesday I was more irritated because I honestly want winter to be over. But come Thursday, I had child-like reflexes and dragged my Hubs out for a photo shoot and to build a snowman. So much fun. I even made a snow angel on Wednesday night.

We had a good time. Playing and taking pictures, building Chuy….the snowman from Texas. Great times.
winter 2014 Allen

Me in the Snow

random 046

Allen building chuy

photo collage

random 058

So since it snowed for three days straight, the city was on LOCK DOWN. Last night was the first night we were able to venture out! I’m so glad they didn’t cancel our valentines day reservations!!

Winter slapped us in the face this week. I’m DEFINATELY ready for winter to be over now. C’mon spring!

Happy 2014!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!  I can still say that, right?!  *shrugs* Who cares.  What a whirlwind the last several months have been.  I’m truly amazed at the grace that God has shown us, the friendships that He has blessed us with and the struggles we have come through. I’ve gone through so much in the last 5 months, it’s unREAL.  (yes that looks like a typo, but I meant to put “REAL” in caps). 

As you know, (or maybe not) my sweet Hubs was laid off 3 or 4 days after his 40th birthday.  Talk about a SLAP in the face.  So all SUMMER (SMH) we went with one income plus unemployment.  Fun.  On paper, it shouldn’t have worked, but….it worked.  We had enough to sustain us.  No joke.  It’s crazy how it all worked itself out.  I remember going to the grocery store one of the times and I had it budgeted to a T.  It was right on budget and for some reason, we were $50 UNDER.  Just one of the many blessings that God showed us during our season of one income.

So fast forward to Nov 2013.  Hubs landed a job.  His job started Jan 6th 2014.  We found a house and got it at the price we wanted to pay and we’re in the area we wanted to live in Jan 2014.  We can’t believe we started the year off with Hubs finding a job and us finding and closing on a home. August 2013 – November 2013 was a tremendous learning season for us.  We learned a LOT about ourselves and our marriage.  Would I do it again. Yes.  Only next time, I hope to be better prepared.  🙂  Marriage is such a blessing.  Marriage is also a gift.  Marriage is partnership.  Marriage is H-A-R-D.  Especially when you’re going through your valley period.  Peaks and Valleys.  Times and Seasons.  I’m definitely ready for a “peak” season.  But I’ve got my big girl britches on just in case there is another “challenge” around the corner.  I said that in the last post.  And I meant it. 





blog post pic

Trust. Faith. Believe. Just some of the words I had to keep telling myself over and over for the last oh…I dunno… four months. Wow…has it only been four months since the latest and greatest challenge in my life?? Man. It felt like an eternity.

After posting about the sale of our house and my excitement, little did I know that there was an evil challenge lurking around the corner. You never see them coming. They just sorta sneak up on you and smack you in the face. Or they rip the carpet out from underneath you. Or it’s like it steals the last bite of a really yummy piece of cake. You get the idea. Challenges blow and they’re never fun, but the cool thing is…you walk THROUGH challenges. “Just keep swimming…just keep swimming….”

Our latest challenge was probably a week after our celebration of selling our house. We made plans for the next step to move and buy our first home here in NC. I giggle as I type the phrase “..we made plans.” How many of you know that sometimes our plans don’t always necessarily go according to “plan”. Anyway, a week or so after making said plans, Hubs got a sense that something was about to change and he didn’t know what. He was excited about it because he had been wanting a change when it came to his job. Welp….That change happened….and it happened the very next day. My sweet Hubs was laid off. No warning other than the gut-feeling that he got the night before. We never thought it was going to be THAT.

So here was my emotional stages that I went through in one night. Keyword(s) are ONE NIGHT:
Happy for Hubs.
Did I say Angry??
Upset and distraught

I think I covered every emotion you could think of in the course of 2 hrs. I cried and laughed and cried and yelled within the same night. All the while, Hubs holding me through each emotion. Man, I’m a drama Queen.
It was the hardest thing so far that our marriage has had to endure. I held onto God’s promises. I held onto the peace of God that helped sustain me. I held onto past victories and triumphs when God came through. I knew God was with us even though He felt a million miles away. “Trust Me.” I would hear him say. No other explanation…just “Trust Me”.

On paper we were short every month, but in reality….it all worked out. Sure we cut WAY back on spending, but even then it shouldn’t have worked. *smiling* But it did….and I know it is only because of the Lord.

So….we’ve walked through it and I’m so happy to say that Hubs starts a new job come Jan 1st. His unemployment runs out at the same time. God’s timing is perfect. Like always.

Trust that no matter what, God is in control and He’s always got your back even if you don’t think He does.
Have FAITH that it’ll all work out.
Believe God. He doesn’t lie. I had to tell myself at least those three things over and over and over and over and over.

I’m so happy for Hubs. He’s a hard worker and a gentle soul. I’m blessed that God picked me to be his wife ….(even though I can be cray cray at times and don’t deserve his grace) I’ve learned so much about myself, my Hubs, our marriage and my faith has only grown. There’s no problem too big for God. I’ve still got my “big girl” pants on in case there’s another nasty challenge lurking behind this one. hehehe!

Happy Holidays all!!

Headboards Are Hard To Make


We FINALLY finished our headboard project. It was hard. I think only because we a) never attempted upholstering something ourselves b) we work 40 hrs a week and c) we had to wait till we had money to finish the rest. There were some unexpected expenses that popped up at the end. Oh AND the fact that we couldn’t figure out how to move it from our garage (which is separate from our apartment unit that’s also a good 400 yards away) to our apartment. We finally just broke down and asked a good neighbor friend for help and mounted it to the top of our jeep and slowly drove it across the apt complex.


After about a few weeks, we started covering the bed. Oh but wait… The headboard itself is bigger than the fabric we got. So we had to get a seamstress to sew two pieces together.


Then after pulling tight and stapling the heck out of it, we began tufting. Our fingers hurt, I broke out in a sweat, and I probably lost a good 5 lbs. It took two days to complete and we broke the super strength upholstery thread three times on three different buttons.


After all that blood, sweat and tears, we put it all together to test. Pulled it back apart and then moved it to the bedroom.

I cried. It was everything I wanted. And I was so happy that we did it…together…and are still speaking to each other.


Will I do it again? Yes. But now having done it once, I’ll make it a lot smaller……