Happy New Year?!

I know. Can I even say that still?? I really am going to get better this year about blogging. My reason excuse this time is because last spring/summer we were renovating parts of our new house.  I wonder what my reason ..err…excuse will be this year.

I don’t really have a good topic or point of view to write about tonight, but I knew I wanted to write.  I didn’t want to watch tv and me and my book, Gone Girl, are on a “break”.  I’m such a terrible reader.  It’s like I have ADD and I get distracted fairly eas…SQUIRREL?!….

What was I saying?!  Moving on….*wink*

Fast Facts since my last blog

  • Allen finally started his new position.  REWIND:  Allen got promoted at his new jobby job.  So overwhelmed by how grateful, thankful and blessed we feel.  Allen went from laid off in the summer of 2013 (he was actually told he was laid off 2 days after his 40th birthday in July.  “Happy Birthday……you’re position has been dissolved.”), to having a job offer by November of 2013, to starting his new job in January of 2014 to getting pulled into the office (thinking he was getting laid off again) in July of 2014 to be told that they wanted to promote him.  Full circle.  But God.  No one can tell me otherwise.  God is never early….and never late.  God is truly amazing. It’s just really neat to look back and see when and how God was there all a long.  Anyway…this was supposed to be fast facts and I’m blabbing.  See?!  I get distracted.
  • Thanksgiving was great.  Spent it with a good friend here in the good’ole QC.  Christmas was great.  Had our 3rd annual Christmas ornament exchange party in our new house.  Yeah!
  • 2014 was a year of firsts in the new house.  I’m sappy like that…
  • Made my first crown pork roast for Christmas dinner.  Hey, that accomplishment alone should be talked about in the internets considering I had never done it before and I made it for 6 people!!  But who am I kidding, it wasn’t THAT awesome.
  • Lets see…gosh I boring.

2015 Hopes and Dreams

  • Save more money by cutting out expenses we don’t really need. Lowering cell phone data plans, getting rid of gym (gasp) membership maybe, planning meals better and stop wasting money on food that goes to waste, getting rid of cable since we have apple tv….you know things like that.  I started a $5 jar.  Hubs was reluctant but he agreed to give it a whirl.  I got the idea from Hubs’ co-worker actually last year.  Her and husband did it for two years and they had over $3000 when they decided to count it.  Basically every time you have a full $5 bill or 5 $1 bills at a time, you put it in a jar. You don’t plan for when you put the money in, you just do it every time you see you have $5.  I’ve only been doing it for three days and I already have $20!! So hopefully I can stick to it for at least the end of the year.  I know I will. Hubs doesn’t know where it is, and it’s hidden out of sight so I can’t see it and I forget I even have it.  I only remember when I see $5.
  • Saying “no” and not feeling like I have to explain why.  This needs no explanation.  I can’t be everywhere and everything to every body.  I have to say no.  I’m such a home body.  I like watching movies during the week with hubs.  I like staying in and cooking a fancy meal rather than paying $85.  This year I got a great idea for a date night in.  I actually got it from a co-worker who also loves to cook.  Doing “Chopped” (like the tv show) at home!!  Hubs is nervous but I promised to make it easy on him.  If we mess up the main course, we can always order pizza!! lol!
  • Either self teach or take a photography class.
  • Read at least 5 books on the “Must Read List for 2015″…not sure if there is such a list but I can always google it.
  • Deepen at least 3 female relationships
  • Spend more time in my garden and doing things that make me happy.  Sometimes I get so caught up on trying to tend to others’ needs, I look up and my hair is a mess, I have a unibrow, my fingernail polish should have been taken off weeks ago and I’ve dropped the ball on things at work.  Getting a grip on 2015.  If I want to sit on my back patio during the day (not a work day) with a glass of wine and paint my toes…I should not feel guilty.
  • Spend more time with Jesus and Hubs.

I think that’s it!!

I’m going to start reading Gone Girl now before I talk myself out of it. #thestruggleisreal


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