Oh…poor thing. You’re living your life Wrong.

LOL! My title for this blog makes me giggle. That’s basically what I thought when a woman at work told me I should have kids and I would regret it and then another co-worker who I thought was at least becoming a friend told me that I should be open to adopting a dog/rescue instead of going to a breeder. Geez. What else am I doing “wrong” in societies’ eyes?? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Begin vent session……

So in today’s episode of “You’re Not Having Kids”, a woman who works with me decided to try and convince me that I would regret not having kids. The conversation went a little something like this:

Woman: “Hey Queen City…how are you?” {Blah blah blah about work space and trying to get space assigned to associates on my team within the next few weeks}

Me: “Great, thanks for the update. My requests have been outstanding for weeks.”

Woman: “Is this your husband? (Picks up photo of me and Hubs)
Me: “It is!”
Woman: “Where are your children? Do you have kids?”
Me: “No…no kids.”
Woman: “ohhhh…How long have you been married?”
Me: “Almost 8 Years.” At this moment, I knew where she was going and I started to get irritated. But I gave her the benefit of the doubt…until she opened her mouth with this question.
Woman: “Oh wow..so a long time. You should have some babies by now. Why don’t you have kids? Do you not want kids?

Now remember…this is just a person I have to work with in regards to space management at work. She’s not a friend. So by this point I was mad. She isn’t close enough to me to ask this blunt question. A part of me wanted to reply in a mean, harsh, ugly way….but I bit my tongue.

Me: “Honestly…I don’t want kids. Love them..but we’re not having kids of our own.”
Woman: “Ohhhh…honey. You’re going to regret that. You need kids. Oh …it’s your husband that doesn’t want them isn’t it? I feel bad for you”

I was so mad, I was numb.

Me: “No. If you really want to know, neither of us wanted kids. And I won’t regret it, but thank you for telling me what I should do with my life.”
Woman: ” Oh but let me show you pictures of my babies. I will make you want kids”

She proceeds to stand at my desk and show me pictures of her cute, beautiful kids…but I didn’t care to see them. So I voiced my opinion.

Me: ” You know…your children are beautiful, but this doesn’t make me want them and I shouldn’t have to tell you that. I don’t know you. You don’t know me. Women need to let other women live their lives. You standing here showing me your children, who is practically a stranger, is who I do not care to be.”

She left after that and emailed me about my work situation.

I don’t get it. About an hour or so after that, I was telling a “friend” that Hubs and I were going to go look at standard poodles from a breeder we know. She didn’t even care about what I had just said and immediately said “why not adopt? I don’t understand why people want pure bread animals when there are so many animals who need homes”. Due to the earlier incident, I snapped and my response was: “Well you are still married and are living with another man but you don’t see me judging you now do you?” And I walked off.

I know…not my finest moment. LOL! But I just don’t get it. When did we as females really stop caring about other women and how hard society tries to put us into the perfect “woman” mold? When did friends stop caring about just being happy for their friends and just really being INTRESTED in each other’s lives?? Geez.

Let me do me…and you do you to the best of your ability. Yes I want a standard poodle, yes I’m going to a breeder (not a puppy mill) for him (yes I want a boy dog) and no I’m not having kids. Let that sink in…let it marinate. I’m ok with the decision….so that’s all that should matter.

I’m excited to go to see puppies in a few weeks! I’ve already got a name picked out and I’m hoping by April or July of 2015 we will have a new fur-baby added to our family. I’m sure I’ll get judged on calling him a fur child. Can’t win. -___-

Happy Wednesday!!!


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