I’m so Crafty…You Already Know (or maybe not…)

I love Pinterest.  I’m not the craftiest of peoples but I get by with a little help with my Hubs.  (hahah…I literally sang that sentence out loud)

Fall is among us and I’m totally behind on my fall/Thanksgiving décor.  Since leaving our last event planning gig, I gave away a lot of our fall décor not thinking about when we would get a home and needing to decorate it.  *sighs* Oh well.  So my OCD kicked in and I bought mini pumpkins and put them around the house, and I bought a giant pumpkin and placed it on my front pourch.  Undecorated.  I just had to have SOMETHING out that looked like I was TRYING to decorate for fall.  I then thought “I need a wreath…I think I have the old school generic one that you get from Garden Ridge”  After 30 minutes or so of digging in the attic…well my Hubs was digging, not me. Lets not get that twisted.  Anyway after digging, he couldn’t find my fall wreath.  Great.  More money to spend.  I got on pinterest and found the easiest most “shabby chic” DIY wreath I could find.  Boom.  Mission Accomplished.

fall wreath 8
It only took me..oh…all day but it was well worth it. Well let me be honest. It took me all day because I took about a 2 hour break to go shopping and puttsing around with a girl friend of mine. Much needed break. I was tired of getting glue on my fingers from the glue gun. Here are some pics of the process and how I wrapped the wreath. You can search for “jute twine wrapped letter wreath” on Pinterest and find tons of other tutorials!

wreath materials
Monogrammed Letter, 1 1/2 inch black (or whatever color) ribbon, Glue gun, Jute Twine and felt

So far so good. Wrapping the Jute Twine in this stage was not that hard. fall wreath

fall wearth 2

fall wreath 3

fall wreath 4
This is where it was getting a little tricky. My suggestion is to just keep wrapping!

fall wreath 5

fall wreath 6
The middle of the “m” is a little jacked but by this point I was three mimosas in and didn’t care. I call it my “worn look” M
fall wreath 7
I YouTubed how to make felt roses. Very Easy.

And that’s about it! The finished wreath was in the beginning of the post. Don’t be afraid to try something or a craft. If you mess up, just start over! The entire project cost me about $10. Much cheaper than buying a $40 wreath at the store or buying from a vendor! Happy Pinterest Project finding!!!


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