My favorite color is Fall

Two weekends ago, Hubs and I took a camping trip to Brevard, NC.  Fall in the NC mountains is stunning.  The mountains, the color, the nature and the cool, crisp weather is so refreshing.

Hubs’ brother bought us a book 4 Christmases ago that routed out back roads of North Carolina.  One trip was a trip called “Land of the Waterfalls”.  Our goal was to hit as many waterfalls as we could in 2 days.  We only got to 4 😦  I’m sad about that but oh well.  That just means that we will be back to see the others.  I think there are at least 20 waterfalls in the Brevard area.

Another reason why I wanted to go to see the waterfalls was so I could practice taking photos.  I’ve had my camera (a Nikon D60…discontinued…) for about 9 years.  Its been a good camera to me and it’s allowed me to learn and I’m continuing to learn on it.  I have a 50mm lens that I LOVE but it is not compatible with my D60 meaning the AF is disabled.  I shoot in manual anyway, but I literally have to use my own eye to focus the lens.  It’s challenging but it’s forcing me to really perfect my focusing skills!  I always liked photography, but was too intimidated by it, didn’t think I’d be good at it and thought that there were a plethora of photographers out there so why would I be any good or as good as them? I enjoy shooting architecture, life style (I guess that’s what it’s called) and landscapes.  Here’s a few pics I took…nothing spectacular.

was trying to adjust my light meter andddd I think this is a little blurry. oh well. Walking trail to one of the water falls

The walking trails were peaceful and there were a lot of people out the same day we were. The weather conditions were great for mid day. I was worried that it would either be really sunny mid day ruining good lighting or raining…ruining my hair. We got started late afternoon and it was cloudy out. I was happy about that.

A Wild Flower that my sweet Hubs picked for me out of a mountain side.
More Cove? I think that’s the name of it. Love this one…
I came around the corner on this trail and I literally gasped really loud. This covered bridge was stunningly beautiful.

So my favorite photo was the one I took of Hubs staring at the huge covered bridge.  It showed how small we are in comparison to God’s creation and to what surrounds us.  It also shows a massive safe haven.  This covered bridge reminded me of God’s broad shoulders and arms waiting to shelter me and cover me and to take on any weight that I carry….all I have to do is walk under the cover of His bridge…..

So cool
My favorite

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