You’ve Got Mail

grandma fountain letterFirst off…how do I have wrinkles in my thumb?? Can I get botox in that area?? Aaahahahaha only I would think of something like that.

Moving On….

While at work I remembered my promise to reach out more using other methods other than Facebook, email, etc and the thought of writing my Hubs’ grandmother popped in my brain.  So…while on the clock (don’t judge) I wrote a quick letter to Hubs grandmother….my grandmother.

I have to say I got a little teary eyed on her response. She mentioned that she loved to read, and write letters and she felt that she knows me deeply from only a few letters. I have to say…..I feel the same way.  She gave me tips on my garden..and how I can maximize it’s growth potential, she mentioned that “Arugula” must be a North Carolina veggie because her and her neighbor haven’t heard of it (I belly laughed at that.  I either must have spelled it wrong..or they really think its a NC veggie) and she mentioned that she is so happy that “young people like me are taking interest in the old ways of growing gardens and working for fresh veggies”.  After reading her letter…..I called my mom. I wanted to hear her voice as well.  I feel more connected now.  There truly is something about taking the time to physically or verbally connect with someone.  It almost feels like they are right there in the room.

I am really glad that I wrote the letter and called my mom.  It’ costs us nothing to reach out to those around us.  What am I…what are you waiting on?  🙂

Happy writing!!!


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