A Warm House …..Makes a Happy Home

This past weekend, Hubster and I were finally able to throw a housewarming for friends here in the Queen City.  We were prepared for about 18 people and we….well I started at wee hours Saturday morning.  5am came and I sprang out of bed like a kid on Christmas morning.  Well ok, not really.  Let me be honest.  I, first of all got out of bed that early because I was overwhelmed and stressed about everything I wanted to get done before that night.  I didn’t spring out of bed but more thumped out of bed….tuck and roll is what it looked like. Springing out like a kid on Christmas morning just sounded better…..

Hubs made it out of bed and after mimosas, breakfast, coffee…lots of coffee….we got to work.  Yard work, cleaning, baking and putting together a dessert spread that I hope everyone enjoyed.  I love to entertain and sometimes I can’t help but add extra “sparkle” to gatherings that I host.  I can’t help it.  It’s the little details that get me all giddy inside and sharing the “sparkle” with others makes me happy.

The almost disaster of the day was when I put two pans of brownies in the oven.  My baking skills  patience is thin but I figured boxed brownies were not that difficult.  Wrong.  The timer goes off and I open the oven door and pull out the rack to check to see if they were done.  They were still in liquid/batter form so I needed to cook them longer.  I am still learning my oven and tried to push the rack back and it wouldn’t go back.  So…like an idiot I figured that I could just shut the oven door and the door would push the rack back. I do just that and both pans of brownies slide off the rack to the back of the oven….spilling some of the batter in the brand new oven.  Insert choice curse words, screams and hand burning as I reach into the oven without a mitt and grabbed one pan.  This is why I hate baking.  I don’t have patience. So hubster comes in and calmly saves the day.  I shook what was left of the brownies around the pan and threw them back in the oven.  *sighs* I blame the oven and me.  I was trying out the convection feature.  Epic fail.

Nevertheless, the house warming was awesome and we had a great time roasting s’mores, chatting and giving everyone a tour.  One guy kept asking hubster if he had done certain things himself and finally said “what DIDN’T you do yourself” it was funny!

Here are a few pics:

grab bags 2
My cute little fall owl. I’m all of a sudden into owls lately.
grab bags
My theme for the party was “Home Sweet Home”. I filled little bags with “sweets” . Chocolate candies and smarties. Gotta love Pintrest!!
S’mores bar!! This was a lot of fun
owl pillows
Again with the Owls. On the Left is Mr. Owl and on the right is Mr. Who…in case you can’t tell them apart
table spread
My spread! Brownies (that tasted great and were gone) S’mores for outside roasting and cheese and jam. We also printed out before pictures of the house and put them in the orange photo book. Great way to show how far we’ve come!

I think the next “themed” party I want to throw is a Cards and Cocktails party. Playing card games like Cards Against Humanity or Poker (Texas Hold’em) and have a few cocktails. We have enough Tito’s to last us a few years!

Until next time….


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