No More Facebook?! (I Think…)

no facebook

So for the past month or so I’ve been chewing on the idea of getting rid of my Facebook account. There are a few reasons why but for the most part it’s because a) I am kinda boring and not that interesting and b) I can always post an edited, filtered version of my breakfast or other dumb food pictures on Instagram. Oh and I am a little over the negative banter that I see about politics and other newsworthy events. 90% of those that I follow have Instagram so I can still see what’s going on in their lives. If I want to post about how I got caught dancing in an elevator I can tweet about it. I am too plugged in and one of the three (if not all at some point) need to go.

I find myself being distracted at work checking Facebook. If I am not checking Facebook I am checking Instagram. If not those two, it’s twitter. Aaarrgghh!! Why must I spend so much energy! I want to be more present. More in the now. Spend more time actually reaching out to friends rather than just “stalking” them on FB.

My hubs’ sweet grandmother whom I’ve never met always writes him letters. She talks about the excitement she feels when she actually gets a letter in the mail as she enjoys reading and connecting through the hand written letters. We never wrote back in the past but one letter had a section that was asking specifically about me!!! I immediately wrote her back and her response letter sounded as if she was overjoyed that she finally got a response!! I could feel her joy and excitement in her hand written response. I want that feeling or at least make someone feel that excited about receiving or connecting with me that isn’t through the Facebook or even Instagram.

So anyway… I think I am going to wean myself slowly off if it so I have time to at least save/download all of my pictures! I’ve removed the app from my phone and I have to log in from the mobile browser which is a pain. I logged in last week and almost missed the ALS challenge that my BFF in Texas had for me. I logged in once more to post my video and a few times after that. Today has been zero. And I must say it’s getting easier. Will be honest in the future if I fall off the bandwagon and reinstate my account…hahahah #nojudging. (I don’t even think hashtags work in blogs?? *Shrugs*)

If you are wondering, you can always follow me on Instagram and Twitter. @queencityjewel

Until next time…


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