Home Sweet Home

So I guess I need to give an update! We’re all moved in and we’ve made some major changes. I must say that this entire experience has been a positive one at times and challenging at others. We knocked out walls, installed new flooring, painted, redid the kitchen, painted and ….I think that’s it. Here’s a few pics.

living almost before
11′ opening and header.
dave will allen taken a break before
Boys taking a break
kitchen 4
Kitchen and Dinning room
kitchen remodel 2
Another View of the Kitchen

It’s been awesome to really make this house our own!! There’s still lots and lots to do, but that’s always the story with owning a home. It never ends!
backsplash 2


Hubs is currently switching out the outlets. He’s a hard worker and I’m grateful. Next on our list is to seal the backsplash, caulking the edges around the countertops, finish reinstalling the closet doors, and clearing out the two spare rooms from clutter. I seem to have collected more serving dishes, warming dishes, and other items to entertain with over the past two years. I don’t have enough storage space in the closest for them all already!!! Ugh. Anybody need a crockpot? I have two. I need to put a few things on Craigslist….and I think I’ll start with the weighted keyboard that I haven’t played in years.


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