Renovation Realities…What Were We Thinking?! (Part 2)

Wow.  I’ve totally been MIA from the blog world.  It’s been a crazy last few months.

What’s new, right?! Last I mentioned was the fact that me and Hubs closed on our home. Our second home together…first home here in NC. I’m saving the pic of the front of our house for Christmas Cards. I know, cheesy. I can’t help it. I acknowledge and celebrate the smallest milestones in life.

Since we’ve moved in it has been nothing but work, work, work, work, side of fun, more work, work and WORK. We weren’t able to finish as much as we had planned but we did get a LOT done. We moved in March 29th to a home that was half done. Hubs had worked LATE into the night finishing floors so that we wouldn’t have to move in with half done flooring. He got enough done to matter. After we moved in it was kinda surreal. Here we were in a neighborhood that we had been eyeballing for a year. We had been dreaming of this moment for 4 years….ever since we moved to North Carolina. We also didn’t really take into account that we would be exhausted and tired. I know that the night we closed, we had our “first supper” together alone with a bottle of wine. We then invited a few friends over to help us celebrate. It was such a nice experience and I’m defiantly glad that that was our first memory of our new house.

A few pictures of the progress:
photo 1

photo 2

And since it’s now almost 11 o’clock at night, here is a semi-final pic of my new kitchen. Be’s ok. *wink*

kitchen remodel 2

kitchen 3

Obviously not completely done, but you get the point. We totally redesigned a lot in our kitchen and living room. Those pics will be forthcoming…when I finish accessorizing.

I’ll write more later. I want to give my thoughts on how I PRAY that this is the last full reno that we ever do. Next house will be a beach house….


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