Renovation Realities…What were we thinking?!

You know…I wished I could have been on HGTV’s show House Hunters or Renovation Realities, but I’m glad I didn’t actually follow through with my application. The show would have consisted of me sleeping in the middle of a dust pile while my poor Hubs worked and slaved to make sure we finished on time. I’m not built for extreme labor. Only minor labor… painting or removing cabinet doors…or telling others what needs to be done. *shrugs*. haha!

Hubs and I closed on our new house Feb. 27th!! WHAT A PROCESS. I almost didn’t think we were going to make it and close on time, but we did. After providing retarded explanations of magazine subscriptions to underwriting, we closed on time. Here is the photo that shows how excited we are that part is over.
House closing photo 2014

We now have 27 days to renovate the house as much as we possibly can. Easy right?! We’ll see. We may have bit off more than we could chew, but even if we don’t get it ALL done before moving day, we’ll at least have SOME of it done. It would just be nice to have ALL of it done.

We bought the home from the original owner. I don’t think we ever thought that would be possible. It’s got GREAT bones, and GREAT curb appeal. Sunday (when it was a nice 70 degrees…today it’s 35..ugh) I was out in the backyard doing yard work and I stopped and really realized that I had a yard with landscaping?!? I don’t know anything about flowers, or trees or flowers or …did I mention trees? Neighbors came to welcome us and pointed out that I had 4 Crepe Myrtle trees in the backyard alone. Crepe who?? I have to water or can I expect to kill those? Teasing. I have a hydrangea bush in the front, tons of tulips and other flowers, I have several flower bushes, and wild onions. Wait, WHAT?! WILD ONIONS?!? The lady that lived there LOVED gardening and you can totally tell. I almost feel like I don’t want to let her down by not taking care of her hard work. I’m so going to do my best at taking care of that flower garden in the backyard in honor of her. I know this sounds weird, but I always secretively wanted a space in the backyard where there were tons of flowers and a flower garden. I have it now. I feel like God picked that house for me and He saved it for me. I’m completely happy when I’m back there and I even caught myself talking to a flower bed. “Hi…please grow..I promise not to kill you.” hahaha! More maintenance than we wanted, but willing to take on the challenge. If anyone has any gardening beginner tips, I’m open to any and ALL suggestions. Here are a few pics from the house. Hubs is at the house moving electrical outlets and making a list for drywall needs. We blew out walls and are getting rid of the parquet flooring. Before you judge me for that, we can’t save it. since we are removing walls, matching the parquet flooring from the 50’s to now is difficult and beyond our skill set. Since I want hardwoods throughout, it would have been really hard. The parquet was only in the living room, entry way, hall and all bedrooms. They didn’t put it in the dinning room or the new add Den. Boo…oh well. We tried to keep original but no way we can.

Enjoy the photos! Nothing exciting. I can’t wait to show you the finished product!

House Renvation 2014 003

House Renvation 2014 004

House Renvation 2014 005

House Renvation 2014 006

House Renvation 2014 007

House Renvation 2014 010

House Renvation 2014 012

House Renvation 2014 021

House Renvation 2014 024

House Renvation 2014 025


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