Unplugged. Literally……

We hiked. We ate. We drank wine. We slept….in. We stopped and smelled the roses. We went go cart riding. I didn’t check voicemail or email, facebook, instagrm or twitter.

Hubs and I wanted to take a weekend to ourselves to reconnect. We wanted a “staycation”. We didn’t go anywhere, but we stayed in our home and wanted to take full advantage of a weekend to ourselves. No distractions. No phones. No social media. No email. You get the point. It was hard for me the first hour on Saturday morning, but after I made brunch for us, it was easier.

I had such a wonderful time just being and enjoying life for a moment. I know I can get caught up in my phone, circumstances, social media, etc. I chose to turn my “DND” option on my phone and also decline all incoming text messages. I didn’t get a single text message, email or phone call all weekend. It was really nice.

Hubs and I move into our new home March 29th but we close this Thursday on the 27th. We have 30 days to cram in as much remodel as possible. Every weekend we will be remodeling so we wanted to take this weekend to reflect and to just BE together. Totally worth it. I would post more pics, but I’m lazy and I have to convert the format. -_- Maybe I’ll do that later. Maybe.

I think we want to do this at least once every 4 months or so.

Happy Sunday everyone! I’m going to watch the closing Olympics now!!! #sochi2014


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