I’m Dreaming of a White….Valentine’s Day?!

Wait….what?! I don’t think I’ve ever experienced snow on Valentines Day. The weather for the last two weeks has been crazy. It snowed two weeks ago here in Charlotte and then it snowed….REALLY SNOWED….again on Tuesday. It just kept snowing…and kept snowing. Then we woke up on Wednesday to MORE snow then ice….then sleet…then more snow. THURSDAY….MORE THICK SNOW. It was unbelievable. The snow on Thursday was absolutely beautiful. It was so unreal that it was snowing thick wet globs of snow. Tuesday I was more irritated because I honestly want winter to be over. But come Thursday, I had child-like reflexes and dragged my Hubs out for a photo shoot and to build a snowman. So much fun. I even made a snow angel on Wednesday night.

We had a good time. Playing and taking pictures, building Chuy….the snowman from Texas. Great times.
winter 2014 Allen

Me in the Snow

random 046

Allen building chuy

photo collage

random 058

So since it snowed for three days straight, the city was on LOCK DOWN. Last night was the first night we were able to venture out! I’m so glad they didn’t cancel our valentines day reservations!!

Winter slapped us in the face this week. I’m DEFINATELY ready for winter to be over now. C’mon spring!


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