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Trust. Faith. Believe. Just some of the words I had to keep telling myself over and over for the last oh…I dunno… four months. Wow…has it only been four months since the latest and greatest challenge in my life?? Man. It felt like an eternity.

After posting about the sale of our house and my excitement, little did I know that there was an evil challenge lurking around the corner. You never see them coming. They just sorta sneak up on you and smack you in the face. Or they rip the carpet out from underneath you. Or it’s like it steals the last bite of a really yummy piece of cake. You get the idea. Challenges blow and they’re never fun, but the cool thing is…you walk THROUGH challenges. “Just keep swimming…just keep swimming….”

Our latest challenge was probably a week after our celebration of selling our house. We made plans for the next step to move and buy our first home here in NC. I giggle as I type the phrase “..we made plans.” How many of you know that sometimes our plans don’t always necessarily go according to “plan”. Anyway, a week or so after making said plans, Hubs got a sense that something was about to change and he didn’t know what. He was excited about it because he had been wanting a change when it came to his job. Welp….That change happened….and it happened the very next day. My sweet Hubs was laid off. No warning other than the gut-feeling that he got the night before. We never thought it was going to be THAT.

So here was my emotional stages that I went through in one night. Keyword(s) are ONE NIGHT:
Happy for Hubs.
Did I say Angry??
Upset and distraught

I think I covered every emotion you could think of in the course of 2 hrs. I cried and laughed and cried and yelled within the same night. All the while, Hubs holding me through each emotion. Man, I’m a drama Queen.
It was the hardest thing so far that our marriage has had to endure. I held onto God’s promises. I held onto the peace of God that helped sustain me. I held onto past victories and triumphs when God came through. I knew God was with us even though He felt a million miles away. “Trust Me.” I would hear him say. No other explanation…just “Trust Me”.

On paper we were short every month, but in reality….it all worked out. Sure we cut WAY back on spending, but even then it shouldn’t have worked. *smiling* But it did….and I know it is only because of the Lord.

So….we’ve walked through it and I’m so happy to say that Hubs starts a new job come Jan 1st. His unemployment runs out at the same time. God’s timing is perfect. Like always.

Trust that no matter what, God is in control and He’s always got your back even if you don’t think He does.
Have FAITH that it’ll all work out.
Believe God. He doesn’t lie. I had to tell myself at least those three things over and over and over and over and over.

I’m so happy for Hubs. He’s a hard worker and a gentle soul. I’m blessed that God picked me to be his wife ….(even though I can be cray cray at times and don’t deserve his grace) I’ve learned so much about myself, my Hubs, our marriage and my faith has only grown. There’s no problem too big for God. I’ve still got my “big girl” pants on in case there’s another nasty challenge lurking behind this one. hehehe!

Happy Holidays all!!


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