Raw Soup, Quinoa Salad, and WWE

So….the other night, I tried a new recipe on the Hubster. I was nervous!  HE was nervous.  I was about to feed a grown man soup and soup only for dinner.  This could get ugly…..

…..but it didn’t.  He liked it and it was actually filling!

roasted red peepr soup picThis is a terrible photo, but you get the idea.  I added Goat Cheese on top and it was so much flavor.  The green stuff on top is watercress and the red is Goji berries.  MMMmmm….I’ll be making this at least once or twice a month during the winter months.

For lunch, I need a quick and easy grab and go as I’m running out of the door for work in the moring….that’s healthy.  Most of the time I don’t pre plan…so I’m throwing ingredients to make a salad into my lunch bag so I can assemble it at work.  That gets old….and I lose many knives and spoons doing that.

quinoa sald photo
Ingredients: Radishes, Red Qunioa, green onions, dried cherries, organic agave nectar, splash white wine vinegar, dash cumin, lime juice

So I remembered I could make a quinoa salad Sunday night and it has been my saving time in the morning and lbs on the waistline.  It’s really good and I’m happy to share how to make.  All you do is cook the quinoa and throw the rest of the ingredients in and mix.  Letting it chill overnight helps blend the flavors.  Love this little salad!

And then….there’s WWE.  Yes…I was invited (FOR FREE…keyword..FREE) to a WWE Smackdown event last night and I must say…that was HEE-LARRY-US.  So glad I didn’t pay for it but it was really quite entertaining!  hehehe…

WWE Night


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