Headboards Are Hard To Make


We FINALLY finished our headboard project. It was hard. I think only because we a) never attempted upholstering something ourselves b) we work 40 hrs a week and c) we had to wait till we had money to finish the rest. There were some unexpected expenses that popped up at the end. Oh AND the fact that we couldn’t figure out how to move it from our garage (which is separate from our apartment unit that’s also a good 400 yards away) to our apartment. We finally just broke down and asked a good neighbor friend for help and mounted it to the top of our jeep and slowly drove it across the apt complex.


After about a few weeks, we started covering the bed. Oh but wait… The headboard itself is bigger than the fabric we got. So we had to get a seamstress to sew two pieces together.


Then after pulling tight and stapling the heck out of it, we began tufting. Our fingers hurt, I broke out in a sweat, and I probably lost a good 5 lbs. It took two days to complete and we broke the super strength upholstery thread three times on three different buttons.


After all that blood, sweat and tears, we put it all together to test. Pulled it back apart and then moved it to the bedroom.

I cried. It was everything I wanted. And I was so happy that we did it…together…and are still speaking to each other.


Will I do it again? Yes. But now having done it once, I’ll make it a lot smaller……


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