Brunch Anyone?

I’ve been watching Bobby Flay‘s  Brunch at Bobby’s on the Cooking Channel for the last month or so and I’m totally hooked.  Since moving to the Queen City, I’ve come to love brunch and I would say that it’s probably my favorite meal to make (and eat) on the weekends.  I wish I could have it all the time…but who seriously has time to cook a Frittata at 6 o’clock in the morning?  *looks around* I know I don’t.

So this weekend, I decided to make a few of the dishes in Bobby’s episodes and I did ok.  Listen, I have NO culinary training and consider myself a rookie.  I just like the challenge of trying to cook like the pros.  I sometimes talk in the Julia Child’s voice and act like I have my own show.  Don’t judge.  You know you’ve done it, too or at least wanted too.  *wink*

I started with The Swedish Pancake.  The recipe comes from The American Test Kitchen and found on  The Bitten Word’s blog.  Here is how mine turned out:

swedish pancake  This was actually really good! The secret really WAS Club Soda!  It’s light, and healthy and it’s only 110 calories per pancake!  I’ll take it!  It’s hard cooking for two people, though.  One batch made 18 pancakes.  I could only eat TWO!  Hubs ate..err…I think 6..LOL!

Next,  I made my version of Herb scrambled eggs served on a should-have-been-a-popover wheat toast.   I had all the ingredients…or so I thought.  I didn’t know that I needed all purpose flour.  I thought I had some….so I threw in whole wheat flour instead.  I didn’t have a popover pan….so I used a regular muffin pan.  I did say at the beginning of this post that I’m not a professionally trained cook, right?  Ok just checking.  HAHA! I had to try though.  No popover going on when I tried to make them my way.  So what do ya do?  Make toast instead.  Tastes just as good.

Popover Herb Egg Scramble  Click the link to get the recipe and to do it the CORRECT way.

My version looks like this Herb Egg Scrambler(right).  So ya see, I kept the concept but couldn’t deliver the popovers.  Whomp Whomp.  I’ll be getting that pan in the next few weeks so I can try this again.  Hubs loved it and I’m so happy that he lets me try new recipes on him.  (I’m sure his stomach is happy, too).


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