sold signWahoo! In my recent post called My Moment of Weakness…, I talked about how I had a fear of “going under” and our house not selling. Smh….I can honestly say I don’t know why I sometimes doubt God. I’d like to think that He sits up there giggling at me when He sees me all slumped over throwing a fit. I can also hear Him saying “Are you done? You ready to put your big girl pants on?” Ha…yes.

To give an update; we had to pull the house off the market about a week later because the people who leased our home failed to use a mat under their cat’s water bowl ruining our hardwoods. Not laminate hardwood…REAL hardwoods. -__- Very irritating. They also failed to do any landscaping as stated in the lease agreement so we had HUGE over grown trees. There was also a huge roof issue that we didn’t know about and that the people who leased it didn’t tell us about. *sighs* We took great pride in that home making it our own and taking care of it and I just couldn’t believe that someone who leases a home wouldn’t do the same. I guess that’s why you charge a deposit fee and a non-refundable pet deposit. So we had to have all that fixed plus the carpets steam cleaned because feedback said that they could tell an animal lived there. Wow. That’s gross. So after weeks of getting everything fixed, cleaned and put back together, we dropped the price and put it back on the market with our first official open house scheduled for the following Sunday.

We were in Florida with close TX friends vacationing when we got the call. It was our last full day in Florida and I remember waking up and going out on the patio. I had a good feeling that that day was going to be a good day. Hubs walked out on the balcony with me and I remember telling him that our house was going to sell….not sure when…but it was going to sell. God promised. We hugged and walked back inside. I want to say that it was about 20-30 minutes later when Allen got a text.

Sidenote: Back in June I told Hubs never to call or text me saying “guess what” unless it had to do with an offer on the house or we won the lotto.

Back to Hubs getting a text. While digging in my suitcase for a swimsuit or my glasses (can’t remember), Hubs received a text. He calmly said “Amber, Guess what??” I whirled around and looked at him wide eyed. “We have an offer” I couldn’t believe it. Then, I could believe it. I almost broke a hip and threw out my back trying to get off the floor so I could jump up and down. Hubs, again calmly, went outside to call our realtor. Me, AB and JB (our friends who were in Florida with us) tried to decipher Hubs’ body language as he stood on the balcony talking to the realtor. JB said “is that a good sway or a bad one?” “Omg..he’s pacing….is that good or bad??” Needless to say it was a promising offer. We countered and they then came back with an offer that we couldn’t refuse. We were supposed to close on the 23rd of August but are now closing on the 18th!! So happy. Our house sold in a week.

We are so glad that this section of our lives is coming to a close. We are also so glad that we got that news with the best friends that we could have ever asked for. If it weren’t for JB, we wouldn’t have been able to get anything fixed on our house in a timely manner. JB, thank you for being you, for being our friend, our eyes, our ears, our confidant and longtime lifetime friend. We love you and are forever grateful.

Texas Home I will miss our home in Tx. It was the first home that Hubs bought on his own and it was our first home that we lived in when we first got married. Lots of memories fill that house and I have a special place in my heart for it. I’m ready to move on here in the Queen City and can’t wait to see what God has in store for me. We face another challenge that recently presented itself, but I’m not afraid. God will never leave me nor forsake me. Plus…I still have my big girl pants on from the last challenge. Bring it!


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