Reason #999994848578 Why I Love Pintrest

pallet tray blogI have been dying to start this next project and FINALLY had a free Sunday to work on it.  While waiting on the fabric for the headboard to arrive, I recruited Mr. Handyman Hubs to help me with my pallet tray.  I found this project on Pintrest about 6 months ago and fell in love with it.  It’s easy, simple, and CHEAP.  I’m going to try to give step by step instructions on how we made ours and hope it’s easy to follow.  (I’ll also include a link to the pintrest site with better instructions so you can have two different perspectives.)

First things first.  The materials you’ll need are:

1 Pallet Board

electrical Saw or Jigsaw



Mod Podge

Stencil for Initial (Optional)

Paint of any color (I used the color Coral)

1/4 inch plywood


Wood stain

Find a pallet board that you like.  Some are dirtier than others, so make sure it’s a good one.  Try looking behind retail stores, or maybe ask retails stores if they have one that you can have.  Most will be willing to part, but some might be stingy.  I found mine only because a friend works for a leasing agency and she said they get them all the time.  She was kind enough to save me one.  🙂

Using one of those round saw looking things (forgive me for not knowing the actual name but you can see it in the picture.  hee hee), we cut the boards down the sides and then pulled the nails out from down the middle so we would have one long board. You can also use a jigsaw.  Whatever floats your boat without cutting off fingers and toes.

pallet tray blog 2

Then I had to figure out the size I wanted for my tray.  After already cutting it one size, (can’t remember) I noticed it was to boxy.  So the final size is 16×23.  Which looks much better.

After I got the sides down, we sanded down the cut boards so that it was smooth so the stain would take.  You don’t have to stain it if you don’t want to if you want that worn down look, but I wanted to stain it because the color wasn’t really what I wanted.

Here’s what the tray looks like after sanding and nailing all four sides together:

sanded pallet

Next we had to cut the plywood. Using some other saw, (man….Hubs and all his tools.  Very hot) We cut it big enough to fit the bottom of the tray and nailed it the bottom.

pallet tray blog 3

Next we nailed the plywood to the bottom of the tray and stained it with wood stain and sealed it with a clear polyurethane.

pallet project 5 pallet project 6 pallet project 7

Next came the Mod Podge.  FINALLY!!!  I’ve been dying to use this since I started this project.  Simply apply a good, even layer on the bottom of the tray.  Then place your fabric over the mod podge and press firmly.  Make sure all the bubbles and bumps are smoothed out.  We used our driver’s license to help press out the bumps. Make sure you cut your fabric a little bigger than you need too so you can make the cuts easier and straighter.

Once you’ve got your fabric down and it’s nice and stuck to the bottom.  It’s time to cut the extra fabric.  Take a box cutter or a super sharp cutter and cut the excess fabric. Then put a THIN layer of mod podge over the top of the fabric sealing it.  Don’t worry…it dries clear.

pallet project

pallet project 2 pallett project 3

Once that dries, you are pretty much done!  I added a monogram to mine, so feel free to add one on yours!  Here’s the link with the actual project instructions and where I got the idea from.  Pintrest Pallet Project

Hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine!


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