Welcome To The Cookbook Family


cook. It’s weird, because I could never sit still long enough to learn from my mom. Too busy trying to perfect my toe-touch, dreaming about becoming the next Janet Jackson, or come up with a Babysitter’s Club for my ‘hood’.

I think I’ve told this story about myself before, so I apologize for telling it again. I got married and I only knew how NOT to burn chicken in the oven. I knew nothing of marinating, or coming up with a recipe, OR FOLLOWING a recipe. What?! Ain’t nobody got no time for dat. (Yes, I know that sentence is grammatically incorrect. It’s sounds funnier that way) I didn’t even own a cookbook when I moved out of my parental’s house. Anyway…..I got tired of chicken and scallop potatoes and I also got tired of grilled meat and sausage grilled by the Hubster. (Love you Hubs) So…after having an fancy, amazing dinner over at our friends’ home, they showed me their secret weapon. A cookbook. Who would have thunk??

For Christmas that year, they gave meCook’s Illustrated Best American Classic’s Cookbook. It was HUGE and I was intimidated. It was the best thing that could have happened to my Hubs’ stomach. It’s not just any cookbook that just lists the ingredients and/or the inspiration behind the dish; it’s a cookbook that tells you the method they used, why they used it, and what other methods they tried and didn’t like.

Now that I’ve totally went off subject, (sorry) the new cookbook that I have is Food & Wine Annual Cookbook 2013. I’m already making a grocery list of two or three recipes that I want to try out next week. Wahoo! Stay tuned…


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