The Headboard That Hubs is Building…..He’s pretty Amazing.


I’ve mentioned briefly in a previous blog post that Hubs was building us a headboard for our bed.  We’ve never had a headboard but always wanted one…..until we saw how expensive they are.  So…we started researching headboards about a year or two ago.  Then…pintrest was born which made it easier to get ideas on how to put the thing together.  Gotta love Pintrest!!


This past weekend, we were able to get the foam, buttons and button cover kit.  OH and we also found the perfect fabric!!  Calico Corners off of Park Rd in Charlotte is probably where I’ll buy fabric from now on.  GREAT prices.  The lady asked us what we were covering and she walked us over to the perfect one.  The cool thing!?!  It was only 19.99 a yd.  WHAT?!  SOLD.  Her eyes got big.  I guess she didn’t really think we’d be that quick to make a decision.  When ya know, ya know…ya know?  ha!  Perfect color…durable, and stain resistant.

We bought the foam and batting after the linen and THAT experience was a nightmare.  We had a recommendation to use carpet padding along with the foam sheeting so off to Home Depot to buy the carpet padding.  They don’t sell it by the sq ft…only by the ROLL?!  We don’t need the whole roll.  Womp womp.  Off to Jo Ann’s fabrics.  We found some batting that would do just fine.  We also found some foam there as well.  *sound of a scratching record* How much is that foam??  Oh.emm.gee.  It was $32.99 a YARD?!?  Hubs was almost as green as the foam.  We hauled it up to the counter and our total purchase was $400.  We both almost fainted.  So darn expensive.  Driving home, we got to thinking that there had to be a cheaper way.  This is supposed to be an inexpensive DIY headboard.  I now all of a sudden want to put the thing together and then SELL it for double the price just to make our money back and then some.  ha!  Would never do that….

Anyway…we got home and went to dinner with friends and they told us to check Amazon.  Today…we hauled the green foam back up to Jo Ann’s and proudly threw it back in their hands.  Amazon had the same stuff for $18.00 for one large six ft sheet of foam.  The same ding dang thing.  -__-  Smh….I feel much better now.

So here is the shell of the headboard and the foot board.  Hubs had to put it together just to test the hardware.


Since the 4th of July was last week, we’ll probably not work on it until the week after next.  Longest project ever, but will be well worth the time and effort!


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