You Make Me Wanna Say “I Do”…..

There are 10 Reasons why I love the chick in this photo:


  1.   She totally got me from day one.
  2. I don’t have to explain myself or my sense of humor to her.
  3. She loves life….
  4. She loves to laugh at herself…
  5. The dimples are pretty fabulous
  6. She’s from Texas and used to live in the same county as me.  What?!
  7. She’ll dance to anything
  8. When she does dance to anything…it always starts with her left elbow and it makes me giggle every time.
  9. She’s got a pretty fabulous husband that loves her with every ounce of his being…and you can tell
  10. Her dog is awesome

This past weekend, this chick (and her dimples) got married and I was so blessed to be a part of it.  She asked me to read a scripture during their wedding and i quickly denied and said “I don’t read in public ma’am…but I’ll sing”  She NEVER heard me sing before but was like “SURRRRREEE…why not”  Gotta love the trust that she had and I couldn’t believe that she agreed!

I wish her and her hubby nothing but the best and I would like to be in the will to take care of your furry child if you ever give her up for some strange reason.

Love you both and cheers to moving to Italy…or Trinidad…or Greece…or…..??????


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