Menu Planning

Since I’ve been lying around on a beach for 3 days, I thought I’d get a head start on my dinner/menu planning for the next two weeks.

blog photoI have two new cookbooks that I am dying to try.  My fave all time cookbook that I mostly get my inspiration from is America’s Test Kitchen cookbooks.  This edition is their All-Time Favorite Recipes.  Yes, I still use recipes as my starting point, but always change it to my liking.  That’s why I love cooking.  I can add a little bit of this and a little bit of that and adjust and create my own version.  Baking….we have a love hate relationship.  Too many rules.

The other book that I got I found in an Asheville book store.  Standing in front of all the different cookbooks, my eyes gravitated towards the Vegan and Vegetarian section.  I’m border line vegetarian.  I eat mainly fish, fruits and veggies and only when I get a little tired of eating fish, I’ll throw in turkey meat and chicken.  Anywho (wow…I totally went off on a random rabbit trail)  The other cookbook is called Raw Food Detox by Ulrika Davidsson.  It’s basically eating everything that is grown, organic with no meat.  There are some grains and cheeses in the recipes, so I’ll have to work around those.  I’m trying not to eat dairy either.  That’s HARD.  Oh well…baby steps!

Can’t wait to make my first meal from the detox book.  I’ll post pics when I do!


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