One Day…..

…..I hope to own a beach house.

I love the beach. I didn’t discover my love for the beach until I went on my honeymoon 6 years ago. In Antigua, I had my first mimosa, my first Rum punch, and my first experience with laying on the beach (under an umbrella) without a care in the world. It was such a great feeling that it sort of fueled me to ask Hubs “if you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?”

Thus…6 years later, we moved to the east coast. Was the hardest best decision we ever made.

Today we celebrate the marriage between two people that helped root us in in our new home and they’re getting married on the beach. Married on the beach. That’s what they do here in NC and it doesn’t cost a whole lot!

Beach life is so…. Sigh. That’s all I can say to describe how I feel when I come to the beach. Summer time used to be my least favorite in Texas. Now….I love it. We spent lots of time at the beach last year I hope to spend even more time this year.

Just a little snippet of my life that I thought I would share. I gotta go….time to escort these groomsmen to the trolley so they aren’t late!!



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