How I survived Dr. Oz’s 3 Day Detox

I did it. I made it through the detox! As much as I enjoy food, cooking and finding new recipies, I was pretty sure that I would only last a day…..maybe a half a day. 

I think my success was strictly because of my amazing Hubs.  I presented my detox presentation to him once before asking for him to go on this no-food journey with me.  He quickly shot me down. You see, he’s a meat and tatters kind of guy so he wasn’t about to drink smoothies all day long. 

I was starting to feel sluggish.  I was eating pretty healthy but not really consistant.  I found myself caving in to my food cravings.  Chips of any kind, chocolate, wine during the week, and I stopped working out consistantly.  Matter-o-fact, I hadn’t really gone to the gymin months.  Backpain was an everyday thing and I decided that I had to do something.  I had to take control of my health and find my way back to the way I used to be.  Healthy and excersing. So…I decided to do the detox to help jumpstart my insides.

I approached Hubs one more time and he said he wanted to support me and he’d do it with me. Wahoo! So here is our journey through the detox.

Day 1:
Starting weight: 153
So since we were starting the detox on a Monday (which I do not recommend if you work during the day) I spent a good hour Sunday night making EIGHT smoothies for Monday.  I had to make a smoothie for me and a smoothie for Hubs. I made the dinner drink early only because I knew we had a meeting after work.

After getting through Monday,I was surprised at how good I felt. I wasnt hungry, and I actually didnt cheat! Wahoo….onto day 2

Day 2:

This day was a little harder when it came to lunch time. The lunch drink was a bit chunky and I hadnt figured out how to make it smooth. So I ate it with a spoon. Which was nice because by this point I was starting to miss the act of chewing on something. Day 2 was another success and I slept better than I had in years! Wow… this was awesome. All I have to do is make it to day 3.

Day 3:
Oh boy. I can do this. I CAN do this. I was starting to feel my will power slipping. Again, the smoothies are very fullfilling and I didnt feel deprived of nutrients. Just missed chewing….and let’s face it…..I missed drinking wine at night with dinner. We made it through the dinner drink and I felt a sense of accomplishment. I was so happy that Hubs did it with me. There was No way I could have cooked him dinner and then watched him eat while I sipped on my gourmet smoothie.

We celebrated (at 9:00 that night…lol) with tacos and quacamole. We both felt sick afterwards.

Ending weight: 149

So I dropped 4 lbs. I worked out all while doing the dextox and after I completed it, I still drank the breakfast smoothie. As of today I weigh 146. I have no clue how I dropped another 3 lbs but I’ll take it!!

Would I do it again, absolutely. I feel better, sleep better and poop better. I now make excersise in any form a priority. My back pain is almost all gone. Totally worth it.

For info on the detox, just simply google”Dr Oz Detox” and it’ll pull up a one sheet printable. Super easy!!

Have fun!!


One thought on “How I survived Dr. Oz’s 3 Day Detox


    Hey Embo!

    I read your blog on detoxing. Very interesting! And I’m glad you benefited from it. Thank you for reminding me that I need to fast (detox, as you call it) more often.

    The last time I fasted (fruit only) was a few MONTHS ago…NOT GOOD! I made it through 6 days though because I was going through a rough time.

    I lost about 20 lbs! But once I started eating normally again, I gained most of it back. However, I wasn’t taking any water pills then either and I retain water like a puffer fish. 🙂

    I hadn’t been correctly diagnosed then either! I’ve had a heart condition since I was a child. They called it a heart murmur then. But I’ve since come to find out I have an irregular heart beat; a heart arrhythmia.

    I stopped taking blood pressure medication for a number of years ( not very smart!) which put a strain on my heart. So, now my heart only performs at about 40% of its capacity. All of this is why I ended up in the hospital 3 or 4 times with heart failure. However, everything seems to be under control, FINALLY. GOD HAS GRANTED ME MERCY, for which I am more than grateful! (I take water pills regularly now which helps keep my water weight down. However, I also need to leave the potato chips alone!:-)


    Well, Embo, TAKE CARE!

    Love you much,

    Mom & Dad

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