Reflecting on 2012….

I’ve been away TOO long.  WAY too long.  The holidays came and took over every ounce of my being.  Hubs and I took a road trip to Texas for holidays and we had a complete blast.  We DROVE.  Can you believe that??  From NC to Dallas.  17 hrs.  I know I’ve said this before, but I think that was the last time we will  drive anywhere over 6 hrs.  This last time, however, was a pretty relaxed drive.  We broke it up in two days which helped.

On the way there, Hubs and I talked about our year in 2012.  We wanted to reflect on events that were positive and things that we wanted to change.  It was a good conversation and I loved reflecting on the good things that happened.  Last year I wrote about 2012 being a year of redemption for us…and I feel like that it really was….and will continue on through 2013.  Hubs got a new job, I got a raise, our tenants in our house had been great and just extended their lease, our marriage has gotten stronger and I could probably go on and on.  One thing I’m most excited about is that I survived my first white water rafting trip.  SO glad I did it and conquered my fears, but definitely scratching that one off my “life list” never to be visited again….(maybe).  LOL!  We had a lot of fun this past year and I’m so looking fwd to 2013.  I made some resolutions but nothing major.  The one resolution that sticks out the most that I broke last year was learning to say no and not feeling guilty about it.  I started out strong at the beginning of last year and lost my way somewhere around July.  *shrugs* So this year I will still try to not over commit to things, clear my schedule and make more quality downtime for me, Hubs, and projects I’d like to take on.

So CHEERS to the new year!!

On our way to Texas! Stopped to take in a few sites!
Good Friends

It snowed on Christmas morning!! In TEXAS!!

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