Grilled Chicken Mango Salsa Salad

I’m always running late for work because I forget that I have to assemble my lunch, grab snacks, my bag, shoes, and unwrap my do-rag from my head.  Why don’t I learn to get up earlier??  I dunno…I guess I work better under pressure.  This morning wasn’t any different.  Running late, I looked into the empty fridge (grocery shopping on Saturday) to find something for lunch!  OOOOooooohh I know!  I grabbed the left over chicken breast that I had made the night before and plopped it down on a bed of mixed greens.  Then grabbed some mango salsa (that I got from Whole Foods Grocery Store)and sprinkled that over the top.  Ta’da! LUNCH!

(And I made it to work on time, too.  WHEW!)

1 Grilled Chicken Breast

Mixed Greens (I used arugula and spinach mix)

Mango Salsa (Whole Foods has the best! and use however much you want)

Arrange the ingredients the way you want and enjoy!


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