Morning Mayham

My Thursday morning went a little something like this:
Woke up pretty much on time. Since I picked my clothes out the night before, packed most of my lunch the night before and even made breakfast for this morning the night before……. I was feeling pretty good.  I’ll treat myself to Starbucks in uptown today.  *leaves for work* 7:20am
*Arrival time in parking deck: 7:45am* Cool…still enough time to walk to work and get there by 8 am.  *Walking through parking garage and through lobby of my previous location*  “AMBER!! HI!! HOW ARE YOU?!”  Stopped by two familiar faces wanting to chit chat before work. To be polite, I chit chat and slowly the anxiety in my soul builds.  “I have to go…it’s great seeing you guys!”  Glance down at phone to check the time.  8:00am- I still had one more building to walk through…..  Grr….
Sit down at work and scramble to log in before 8:30.  Log in.  Check the time 8:15 am.  Cool.  I can now relax.  Time for coffee. 8:20am
Grab my debit card ONLY…and think..”oh let me grab my phone, too, so I can check in on my handy dandy Yelp app”….leave and walk through security portal. 8:25am.  Security portal shuts behind me

*GASP*….…I FORGOT MY BADGE!!!! THAT’S ON MY DESK…ALONG W/ MY DL….How in thee whirl am I going to get back in without ID?! Who can I call to put me into the system as a visitor??  I calmly walk to get coffee anyway.  8:30 am

…come back and proceed to beg the security guard to let me in.  Call all the admin’s I know to get a hold of my boss or someone who can put me into the visitor system so I can receive a temp badge.  “Amber??” I turn around and see it’s a friendly face. “Hey! You work in this building?” Me:” I sure do…for about a week now.   I’ve already forgotten my badge.  I’m a nerd” Friendly face leaves to go to work. He can’t help me and I don’t even ask.  *gulp coffee* try to call more people to help break me in.  No luck.  *take four big gulps of coffee* So much for a treat…I can’t even enjoy my coffee.  *take last swig of coffee* Finally find someone who can say they know me and put me into security system. 9:05 am
….get signed in at security desk…coffee is now empty and I don’t remember drinking it. Finally get upstairs and low and behold……  I still can’t get into my floor.  I’m stuck in what I like to call “purgatory”.  I’m in limbo on my floor and the temp badge doesn’t get  you past these doors.  Called the only person I know.  HALLELUJAH.  Sit down at my desk.  9:20 am.
So much for pre planning and getting to work early.  *sighs* there’s always tomorrow.  For now…I’m going to enjoy two cups of Joe. 

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