My Life List

I once thought that dreaming about different things that I wanted in my life was just a past time.  Something I did to kill time.  I’ve always viewed myself as someone who could lay in a field of flowers, chewing on a twig…looking up in the sky day dreaming about “what ifs” and what I wanted to be when I grew up.  It was when I got married to my amazing husband that I found out that my dreaming of things to come was not a pass time.  It was who I was and I would subconsciously try to accomplish some of my “in the clouds” ideas.
At my wedding, my Maid of Honor gave the sweetest speech.  She said “Amber, I remember when you told me that God was going to bring your mate to you.  And that you wuoldn’t have to seek him out….God would bring him to the Church that you were involved in.”  I remember thinking, “wow..I did say that”.  That was pretty much when I realized that it was ok to dream and it was ok when it came true.
I got this idea for a life list from my good good life-time friend back in TX.  We would sit and just talk about what we wanted to do in life.  We have such a connection and I feel like I could really be myself with her.  Like really.  No judgement.  No questions.  Just laughter and respect.  I saw that she posted a life list on her blog and I thought that was a brilliant idea. I text her immediately and she said “well you should do one too!”
She’s right.  I should.  I want to live my life to the fullest.  God wants me to have a life in Him that’s full.  So… after several days of thinking and talking w/ Hubs, here’s My Life List.
1.  Learn how to swim
2. Move to North Carolina
3.  Go to the Olympics
4.  Take Piano Lessons/Music Theory
5.  Travel to Italy
6.  Travel to London
7.  Travel to Australia
8.  Travel Canada
9.  Take an RV Trip with family and friends
10.  Visit Napa Valley
11.  Sky Dive with Allen
12.  Take a cooking class
13.  Run a 5K
14.  Have an intimate moment on a private beach with Allen.  (lol!)
15.  Learn how ballroom dance
16.  Learn how to sew
17. Move into my dream home
18.  Write another song
19.  Lead worship in a stadium
20.  Become sweeter and patient
21.  Take a cross-country trip
22.  Train for something with Allen

 I know that I’ve got more to add to the list but I’ve got writers block.  Plus…the Olympics are on and It’s gymnastics.  My favorite.  I’m sure I’ll add more but I wanted to get this out there so I could officially start to work towards accomplishing some of these.  Look for updates…as I’m sure I’ll add to the list! 


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