I think this is our year.  *SMH*  I don’t want to rehash the headaches and struggles that Hubs and I have gone through since moving here.  The struggles began even BEFORE we moved here.  Job loss, sexual harassment scandal at my old job, a flipped jeep, reduced income…all while trying to stay a float mentally and emotionally.  *Sighs* But God….This year was THE year that Hubs and I would seriously settle the heck down in our finances and focus on chipping away at our small mound of debt.  We needed to regain focus on what God has called us to do, and stop trying to fit into what everyone else thought “we should do”.   I think once we finally got into agreement with what Hubs and Wiffins (that’s me!) wanted, the heavens started to open…..I really feel like this is the year that God wants to restore some things in our lives and our marriage.  Hubs is an amazing man.  He works hard, is loyal, faithful, honest, fair, trustworthy….on and on and on.  But for some strange reason, his last job chipped away slowly at everything that was good in him.
Looking back on it now, I see that it was nothing but the devil…stealing and taking everything away from him.   But God….

Again, I am convinced that this year God will restore everything that was taken away from Hubs.  He has remained faithful and what the devil meant for evil…God giggles and turns it around for our good.  We’ve been seeking the Lord the past few weeks in certain things and already God has shown just a finger of what He’s doing and will continue to do.  I got a raise.  I got a bonus, Hubs got a bonus and a raise and Hubs is about to be offered another job that will tap into every God-given talent that’s in him and more.  And it’s only January ..well February 1st.  I am always amazed when God shows up.  I don’t know why.  God loves me as a father loves his little girl. Yet…. I’m always amazed.

I felt like writing this little praise report because I just wanted to share some of the good things happening in our lives here in CLT.  A lot of folk don’t really know anything about us here and rarely even stop to take the time to even get to know us.  So sharing in a blog is easier for me to share something that’s going on in my life without the interruption of “ok that’s great, now can we talk about me?”

So thanks for reading.  I’m off the read The Help now!  Hubs and I started a book club here where we live and shockingly we had 12 people sign up!?   I have no idea what I’m doing…the only things I read is the bible, cosmo mag and health mag.  LOL!

Good nite!


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