First Week in the Queen City…sorry about typo’s :)

Man what a quick quick uprooting!!!  My first week at the new job is really good!  My boss is awesome and we have entirly WAY too much in common!  She’s super smart (that we DON’T have in and she’s soooo laid back and asks me everyday how I’m doing.  My other boss is quirky and hilariosuly nervous.  The two bosses work in the same LOB but work on two entirly different sides of it it’s confusing.  One is plannign and the other is monitoring our systems.  And there’s me…stuck in the middle managing two calendars.  It’s fun though and I’m learning a lot.  Everyone is EXTREMLY nice and they can’t believe I started my new job a few days after I moved here.  It honestly does feel like we’ve lived here for a while.  I’ve had (still having) moments of where I miss my friends and church home, but I really really like it here.

PRAYER REQUEST: Our house is still on the market and we are praying that situation through!!  If you remember, please say a prayer for us.  We need the house to sell.  Period.  We’re open for leasing but we strongly feel that the house will sell.  The feedback has been positive as far as our house goes, but there are so many house on the market, we are being passed up.  booooooo on the housing inventory!!!  So anyway, please continue to pray for the sell of our house.  God is our provider and he is never early and never late.  🙂  Also Allen is still on the hunt for a job.  He’s got some god leads, so that’s good.  Praying that God’s hand be on that situation and that God has the right job for Allen. Thanks family-folk for the prayers!!!

Allen and I went hiking this past weekend and we loved it!  This is why we moved out here!!!!!  It was a short 15 minute drive and the scenery was amazing!!  Here are some pics:

I think i’ll blow one of these up and hang them on my wall.  🙂  Our apt is great.  It’s sooo cool!  The inside is standard.  Definatly can’t stand the white walls.  After our year is up, we plan to transfer to the upgraded apt.  hardwood floors we miss dearly!  We are within walking distance to all kinds of hip restaurants!  Dean and Deluca is one of them.  It’s called Phillips Place and it’s nice!  Allen and I have sat out on the patio of the Dean and Deluca wine lounge twice already and it’s beautiful!  Love love!!  The mall is like .4 miles away as well.  The Taj-Ma Teeters is .2 miles away.  They call it the Taj-ma Teeters b/c it’s the mother ship of Harris Teeters.  I like it.  Very posch.  and it’s not all that expensive.  Anyway..I’m just rambling now.

Please come visit if you want.  Not sure if I’ll be in a funk come holidays.  I hope to come back at christmas.  Staying at the Chateau de’ Davis.  LOL!

Oh and one more thing about my office building.  We have to have a badge to get into the main enterance and all other places within the building.  Well they also have an option to where you can register your EYEBALLS and they scan your retinas for access.  It’s HIL-AR-IOUS watching people stare wide-eyed into the eyeball scanner!!  I love it.  And no thank you.  I’ll stick to the badge.


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